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Princess Ida Adjudication

Adjudicator - David Turner

Act III opening had a good mixture of fun and fear! The sword-fight was well choreographed and was really believable and there were some very nice moments in the Act II finale.

The director had a very good grasp of how to develop characters and this quality must be highly praised.

Musical direction - Cliff Crewe

Considerable musical strength throughout. Here was a chorus that really shone in all the big chorus numbers. The "Gently gently" trio in Act II was particularly effective. Solo work was impressive and obvious attention to words as well as the music.

Costumes - Elizabeth Stageware

A first class wardrobe. The opening scene with court costumes was very eye-catching but outfits were worn well too. Gama and Hildebrand were both impressive. Splendid armour for Gama's sons. The students robes, the battle outfits were all very special. Principals were well attired e.g. Princess Ida and Lady Blanche.

Props - John Wyld and Brenda Thompson

Good attention to detail. Spears, battleaxes were excellent.

Lighting - Colin Woods

Disappointing levels for the overture but a good first act followed by some sensitive and spectacular moments in Act II. Lighting often enhanced and sometimes developed a scene.

King Hildebrand - Paul Richmond

Despite looking younger than his son a very impressive interpretation. Energy and authority were always in evidence. Used the stage well. A tendency to shout in all strong moments was a pity. Vary dialogue and mix threats with volume

Hilarion - Colin Wardale

Good stage presence and such a lovely tenor voice. His solo work in "The world is but a broken toy" was beautiful. He moves well and did not overdo the comedy in Act II. Good motivation and energy.

Cyril - Eric Cymbir

Rather underplayed. This is a much more boisterous role than we saw. Although this was a saucy interpretation it needed to go much further to get full value. Good Act II solo but again a little underplayed.